Help with Buying an item from PlayFx

  • General Questions
  • Payment Questions
  • What PlayFx will buy
  • Order Questions

General Questions:

I don't live in the UK. Can I still sell you my goods online?
Unfortunately we currently only offer this service to UK residents.

Is there a minimum I can sell to you?
There are no minimum units or a minimum value you have to meet on any given order.

How do you determine how much you pay for my goods?
We have a team dedicated to setting our buy-in prices, and they aim to give you as much as possible for your goods.

Do you share my personal details with third parties?
We will not share or disclose any of your personal details.

How old do I have to be before I can Buy or sell goods to PlayFx through the website?
We require you to be at least 18 years old to sell your goods through our website.

I used to have an account here. Why does it not work anymore?
We have changed the whole system that runs and sadly it was not feasible to bring the old user accounts across to the new system.

Payment Questions:

Where will my payment go?
We are still working on Online Payments Module so i would be online soon.

What PlayFx will buy:

What do you buy?
Broadly, we buy things that fall into the categories: Gaming, DVD, Computing, Electronics and Phones. You have to be able to find the item on our website for you to sell it to us through the site. Please note, game consoles must be accompanied with 1 controller, a UK power cable and a video cable. Phones will need a charger. Sat Nav systems also must have their original box. External Hard Drives, cameras without expandable memory and Sat Navs MUST come with the original box, and a USB cable.

I cannot find some of my goods on your site.  What do I do now?
Please email us the details of the item. If it's something we trade in, we will add it to our database.

Do you pay more for items that have never been used/opened?
We offer more cash/trade depending on the condition of some items - mainly electronics. These grades are available to choose from on the website when you are selling your items online:-

  • Mint (A) – Phone in as new/mint condition with charger, original box and all accessories.
  • Good (B) - Working phone in good condition with slight cosmetic blemishes. Charger supplied. Missing one or two accessories or original box.
  • Poor (C) - Phone in poor cosmetic condition. Charger supplied but missing accessories and packaging.
  • Non-working (F) – Phone intact, not crushed or snapped in half. Fully working, but heavily cosmetically blemished. Non-working examples: dead, cracked, broken/bleeding LCD (screen), not powering up, speaker/mic faults, broken aerial, etc. No accessories required.
Please note that when selling your phone to PlayFx, we will determine the condition of your phone after we have fully tested the item, and will value it accordingly.

What about my data saved on my item?
Your personal data will be deleted from your laptops, pc's, consoles, memory cards, hdd's, sister's diary if you send them to us in line with our strict testing policies and procedures.

What if I cannot decide which grade my item is?
All items are tested upon arrival by our in house testing team. Some items will arrive with incorrect grades and need to be changed. We understand that as a customer grading your items can be tricky, if the grades of any of your items are changed for any reason you will receive an email from our testing team notifying you of the change and further instructions to proceed with your order. Please be aware that you will be contacted via the email address that you provided in your online selling account.

What condition should my Games, DVD's, BluRay's and other software be in?
Some of these items can be worth different values depending on condition, it is important to pay close attention to our product descriptions to yield the most value from your items when selling to us and to avoid delays with your order.

Some items will have an (S) at the end of the description on our website, this represents the requirement for the item to remain "sealed". These items may sometimes still be available to sell if they have been used at a lower price. Please be aware that any items sent to us that are unsealed with the (S) on the description will be changed to their unsealed counterparts, items that can only be bought as sealed and are sent unsealed will be disposed of or returned based on your original order requirements.

Order Questions:

Can I track the status of my Buy or Sell orders online?
Yes, once you are logged in just send us an email or contact us over the phone we will get back to you.